martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Sleeve Gastrectomy at Costa Rica

Other advantages of this surgical technique include the fact that the patients with extreme obesity can take the obesity management surgery in two parts: first they can get the Gastric Sleeve surgery and, once the patient looses a certain amount of weight, he can get the Gastric By-pass Surgery.
Consequently, the possibilities for surgical complications are reduced.

Gastric Sleeve Laparoscopic Surgery has, among others, the following characteristics:

It is a non-reversible surgery since a big part of the stomach is eliminated in a definite manner. This represents a great advantage, since the part of the stomach that is eliminated contains the site for formation of the hormone Ghreline, known as the hunger hormone (this substance is responsible for producing appetite in the different cycles of food intake),
It is a fast and safe surgery
After the surgery, the patient does not require nutritional or mineral support in a permanent manner
It has all the advantages of the laparoscopic surgery.
Gastric Bypass Surgery

The gastric bypass surgery has been practiced in our countries for almost fifty years. In other words, it is a widely known surgery with hundreds of thousands of patients that had undergone this procedure. The boom during the last decade is due to universal epidemics of obesity and diabetes, and also to the use of the technique using laparoscopic procedures.

The Gastric Bypass Surgery in Y de Roux is a bariatric surgery that combines two weight loss methods: first, there is a reduction in the gastric capacity (similar to what happens in the adjustable gastric band surgery and the gastric sleeve surgery and second, there is a mal-absorption component (that is, the little that is taken is not fully absorbed), thus contributing to weight loss.

In order to accomplish the mal-absorption, an intestinal bridge is made during the surgery, which is responsible of the metabolic changes that act directly over the metabolism and the regulation of glucose. With this intestinal bridge, we induce the necessary physiological changes for the reduction of sugar level in the blood. After the surgery, the patient needs to have a close post-operatory control because he requires hundreds of nutrients like Vitamin B-13, Iron and Calcium, mainly.

Because of this, the candidate to this type of surgery should meet the medical psychological and nutritional requirements.